Why Do Brides Have Bridesmaids?

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Why Do Brides Have Bridesmaids?

Today, our concept of relationships have taken a new turn, so have wedding ceremonies. However, in modern wedding ceremonies, bridesmaids play a major role in throwing the bridal shower or attending a bachelorette party. So what are the stories behind this?

  • In ancient Rome, people used to think that the party of bridesmaids must consist of at least ten members. These ten members would act as witnesses to Almighty that the marriage is legal and the couple is happy & will remain so forever.
  • Moreover, there is a saying that bridesmaid dresses must be same as the bridal gown. This is a common practice which is still maintained in some marriage ceremonies. It is done to confuse vengeful spirits that might come and harm the newlyweds. Now, do you think that your parents will let you be a decoy for evil? Isn’t it funny?
  • Another myth from Bible says that when Jacob married both Rachel and Leah, each of them brought their own bridesmaids (in actual they were literally maids rather than friends in today’s world).
  • Do you know why bridesmaids carry bouquets down the aisle? Well, in the Victorian era, bridesmaids used to organise flowers, accompanied the bride along with herbs, grains and garlic to scare away evil spirits. Here, evil spirits were considered as evil powers which can cause misunderstandings or extra marital affairs that may bring down a healthy relationship of the newly wedded couple. Things have, however, changed in the modern days. From herbs and garlics, bridesmaids have transitioned to flowers.

Present viewpoint

Nowadays, there is a lot of reasons behind the existence of bridesmaids. Some people see the concept of bridesmaids as a way of incorporating close relatives into the divine ceremony. Apart from that, there are others who want to add their friends to the special day. However, there are still some elderly people who are attracted by the ancient ideas of bridesmaids and follow the typical rules in relation to their culture and religion.

Common duties for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids have very specific duties. They follow the bride to the venue and generally sit on the front row of the seats. The bridesmaids cannot leave the ceremony until the couple sign the legal registration. They can also accompany the bride to the vestry or side room and witness the singing.

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