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The perfect wedding dress for every body type

There are several most common silhouettes when it comes to wedding dresses these are Ball gown, empire, sheath, mermaid, ballerina, trumpet and A-line. As a bride to be you’re most probably already familiar with these types of styles. When choosing your wedding dress the silhouette that you select will be based on personal taste, style and tone of your wedding and what best enhances your figure. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s more important to find the dress, which fits our silhouette than to pick the latest wedding gown featured on the front cover of Sydney wedding magazine. To help you on your search to find your perfect wedding dress we have deciphered the bridal silhouette terms for you and given you a guide to help enhance your feminine figure.

The Ball gown is a traditional wedding dress silhouette with it’s fitted bodice through to a tiny waist, accompanied by a full skirt billowing over tulle petticoats. This style will enhances most figures.

The empire line, this style is characterized by a high waist and short bodice with the skirt beginning under the bust line, this creates the illusion of lengths and camouflages a bottom-heavy figure or thinker waist. The empire is mostly suited to smaller busts and petite figures.

The sheath silhouette is a simplicity style, using darts and seams to allow the elegance and beauty of the feminine forms to grace us. The shape is slim and body hugging with no waistline and the skirt falls straight down to the floor. This is a hard style to wear for most brides it’s best suited for well-toned figures.

Now to the mermaid it is a very sexy but elegant look that highlights your feminine curves and hourglass body. The mermaid contours the body from the chest to the knee, and then flares out to the hem. Like the A-line and ball gown, it will enhance most figures, you just need to be comfortable and confident inside yourself to pull of this dramatic style.

The Ballerina, magical, dreamy and romantic comes to mind when best describing the elegance of a ballerina gown. At mid-calf length, the ballerina silhouette gowns make use of the most delicate of fabrics such as fine silk or tulle and the full skirt is achieved by draping the fine fabric over layers of soft petticoats. The Ballerina can be found in various looks, for example vintage, modern, classic and romantic. This is a very distinct look, that if you fell fabulous showing of your legs in this style then go for it.

The trumpet silhouette is a representation of a trumpet it’s self, it’s fitted closely to the body until mid-hip and then widens gradually to the hem resembling the mouth of a trumpet. The silhouette is often confused with the mermaid, the difference is the trumpet flares from out from mid-thigh whereas the mermaid flares out from below the knee. Just like the mermaid it’s a glamorous long silhouette, adds curves on a straight figure or accentuates feminine curves on a fuller figure.

Now lucky last is the most popular style the A-line this silhouette is considered to be extremely flattering, especially for brides wishing to minimize their hips and thighs. As it’s name suggests, the A-line gown forms a triangular A-shape featuring a fitted bodice flowing into a wide skirt. Of course, these are all very general directions.

They may come in handy in the first phase of searching for the wedding gown. However, there is no other way to determine whether the dress fits or not but to try it on and take a look into the mirror.

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