Creative Ways To Organise An Elegant Wedding

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Creative Ways To Organise An Elegant Wedding

A wedding is the biggest event in a person’s life. It is all about binding with a partner to go ahead for the rest of the life. From bouquets and flowers to cakes and champagnes, the arrangement is the ultimate concern.

The Theme
To host an elegant wedding, focus on the luxurious elements that envelope the entire area with a feeling of five-star event. This means extravagance and beauty along with a little consideration of cost. The theme can be anything – rustic appearance, classic/traditional, vintage, garden/outdoors, romantic, contemporary, and glamorous boho chic.

Wedding Venue
A typical elegant wedding always looks best in an indoor venue. The venue must include a church and a wide area for ceremony with an impeccable and spectacular view. To make the wedding elegant, the party can be arranged in a ballroom, a heritage house or mansion, a five-star restaurant or simply in a hotel room which provides spectacular view. Make sure that there is a function space which is equally as luxurious as the ceremonial venue. When the focus is on sheer luxury and elegance, the reception venue is often one of the main elements that creates the expensive and posh atmosphere.

Bridesmaids look gorgeous in uniformed bridesmaid dresses. However, you can also replace them with evening gowns to look elegant. Arrange some beautiful seasonal bouquets slightly smaller than the bride’s, and distribute them among the bridesmaids. The colour combination of the dresses must be soft like blush or cream. You can also plan for a royal look with golden yellow or royal blue dresses to add to the five-star appeal.

Invitees Dress Code
It’s important to note that elegant weddings are incomplete without a formal dress code. This dress code is applicable for the invitees and must be specified on the invitations, so that the guests know prior to the event.

To create an elegant wedding, make sure that the cake is decorative. The bigger the cake, the better it is. Order a five-tiered cake which is designed specifically based on the wedding theme colours. It must be decorated with pearls, diamantes, and flowers.

Catering is an important part of an elegant wedding. The arrangement must have a strict seating plan. Make sure that the food is impeccable and delicious, and hire professional well-dressed waiters to serve.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a piece of paper and a pen, and plan according to the above mentioned categories. Follow these tips and set the plan for your best friend’s big day like a professional event manager.

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