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Checklist For The Bride’s Mother

Some brides love having their mom alongside them during the entire wedding ceremony, whereas others become uncomfortable with their mom around. It depends on the bride. Thus, a list has been created to understand the role of your mother.

9 Months

Before you start tackling the tasks of your wedding ceremony, sit down with your mother and have a pleasant discussion about the role you want her to play in planning the wedding ceremony. This is the time to clear away boundaries (if any exist). Or else, you may feel exasperating for the next nine months, making decisions that you don’t want to be made, on your behalf. Let her know the role properly, and how much you love & appreciate her.

6 Months

If you have asked your mom to help out with the invitations, this is the time to narrow down the guest list. To ease some pressure, you can ask your mom to sift through invitation designs and give you a handful to choose from.

4 Months

If your mom is helping you selecting the the bridal gowns, ask her to provide some tips from her wedding experience. Once you’ve settled with the styles of bridesmaids dresses, consider to take your mom on a shopping spree and help her choose the perfect bridal wear for the big day.

2 Months

If you have given the task of bridal shower to your mom, ask her if she needs any help with the arrangements. If she does, request the Maid of Honour to lend her some helping hand, or if you have enough time you can do it yourself.

1 Month

Check with your mother and see if there is any unfinished job left. Remember, you and your mom both are the decision makers and must consult thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding. Factor in both your likes & dislikes and work accordingly. Enjoy your bridal shower and take your mother out for a coffee, or lunch, to thank her for all the efforts she made to arrange the event.

1 Day Before

Enjoy the dinner with your mom and family members who have played a vital role in putting this monumental job together. Take the opportunity to share with everyone how helpful your mother has been, and how much you appreciate every inch of energy she’s put in.

The Big Day

Enjoy the reception and chuckle with your husband about how your mother’s big work and the role she is playing of being a Hostess.

Your mother can be the best friend on your wedding day if this checklist is followed accurately.

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